“Belt and Road” to enrich the 2016 China (Dongguan) International Scie...

“Belt and Road” to enr...

Chinese (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week (hereinafter referred to as the "Cooperation Week") was founded in 2004, has been held for 12 sessions, to establish cooperative relations with more than 20 countries and regions, to promote all kinds of technology and talent...
Activity Name
FirstDay Dec 8th
SecondDay Dec 9th
ThirdDay Dec 10th
2017 Cooperation Week, the first session of the Science and Innovation Exhibition Floorplan
Welcome to the 2017 China International Science and technology cooperation week and the first China scientific research institution innovation achievement fair!
In order to help you complete the exhibition work,special preparation of this manual,comply with the relevant provisions. If you have any questions ,please feel free to contact us.
I wish all exhibitors to work smoothly and achieve good results!